About Me

I'm Valaniece and I am a comedy writer living/working in the Greater NYC area.

When I originally decided to start self publishing my work onto the internet, it was first with the intent of grabbing attention and hoping that the right person will stumble upon my blog and offer me some sort of life altering job opportunity. That of course doesn't usually happen. 

Over time this blog stopped being a means of getting attention, it became a way for me to... write. It has motivated me to wake up every morning and ask myself "What next?" It has challenged me to outdo myself every time I hit publish. It has become a constructive way for me to not only pass the time but to also improve and grow as a writer. There's more.

Underneath my name, there is a little subtitle that reads "Alius Comoedia. (It's Not That Serious)" and that is just a concise way of summarizing what I do here. Life isn't a thing to be taken so seriously. 

I find that anywhere I go, I am constantly being patronized to watch what I say or what I decide to joke about. In response to that I say "It's not that serious". I never say anything with the intent to hurt anyone, I believe that all is fair game and that sometimes we need to learn to laugh and poke fun at life together. 

"All humor is critical. If you start so say 'Oh, we musn't criticize or offend them,' then humors gone. With humor goes a sense of proportion and then as far as I'm concerned, you're living in 1984." -John Cleese

Above all, I find that I am writing this blog because I feel like it is essential that this new wave of comedians fight to keep the spirit of what comedy is alive. Without the fear of judgement, without the fear of nay sayers.

You are here because you too believe that all is fair game as long as there is a foundation of humor. So please, remember to laugh. Life is far too depressing as it is.

**Also I feel the need to add that the NYC skyline photo was taken by me. In case any of you thought it was stock photo. It's not.**


Currently working on building a YouTube Channel for vlogs in Manhattan, sketches, satire shit, short films. Coming this Summer.


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