Body Positive Movement Protests “Fat Albert”

Advocates of the body positive movement, have protested the name of the iconic cartoon character “Fat Albert”. Representatives have come up with a list of alternative names that would euphemize Mr. Fat’s first name and offend fewer people. 

  • Thick Albert
  • Big Boned Albert
  • Beautiful Albert
  • Full Bodied Albert
  • Curvy Albert
  • Juicy Albert
  • Perfect Albert
  • Self Love Albert
  • Slim Thick Albert
  • It’s What’s on The Inside That Counts Albert
  • More of Me to Love Albert
  • Treat Yo’ Self Albert
  • I Earned That Extra Pint of Ice Cream Albert
  • This is What Real Beauty Looks Like Albert
  • I am Sucking My Gut in Albert
  • Salads Taste Like Grass Albert
  • My Weight Does Not Define Me Albert
  • It’s all Genetics Albert
  • This is Water Weight Albert
  • I Have A Thyroid Problem Albert

Update: The community has collectively settled on the name “Phat” Albert. 


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