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Body Positive Movement Protests “Fat Albert”

Advocates of the body positive movement, have protested the name of the iconic cartoon character “Fat Albert”. Representatives have come up with a list of alternative names that would euphemize Mr. Fat’s first name and offend fewer people.
Thick AlbertBig Boned AlbertBeautiful AlbertFull Bodied AlbertCurvy AlbertJuicy AlbertPerfect AlbertSelf Love AlbertSlim Thick AlbertIt’s What’s on The Inside That Counts AlbertMore of Me to Love AlbertTreat Yo’ Self AlbertI Earned That Extra Pint of Ice Cream AlbertThis is What Real Beauty Looks Like AlbertI am Sucking My Gut in AlbertSalads Taste Like Grass AlbertMy Weight Does Not Define Me AlbertIt’s all Genetics AlbertThis is Water Weight AlbertI Have A Thyroid Problem Albert

Update: The community has collectively settled on the name “Phat” Albert.

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